Broken Caravan Shower Tray

Do you have a broken caravan shower tray?

Most UK spec caravans have a shower and as some caravaners have found out, the shower tray is extremely easy to crack.

It doesn’t take much to break a caravan shower tray, simply dropping a bottle of shower gel can do it. You may have broken your caravan shower tray by simply stepping on the plug hole, unfortunately the plastic around the drain is quite thin and this is a known weak point. A broken caravan shower tray needn’t be the end of the world though, there are ways that the shower can be returned to full working order without breaking the bank.

Anyone with a broken caravan shower tray will know that if they ask their local dealer to quote for a repair it will usually run into thousands of pounds. This is because normally the only option the dealer presents is to have the unit replaced causing huge disruption and massive cost. If you go this route be prepared to loose your caravan for weeks if not months and prepare yourself for the bill!

Fortunately help is at hand. There is no need to suffer long delays, interior rebuild and huge costs. There is a repair system available through accredited specialists that will repair the broken caravan shower tray and re-coat the shower tray surface so you will never know it had ever happened. This is a tried and tested repair that is fully warranted and can be applied and finished in less than a day. The coating can be colour matched to your existing washroom and it is even available in gloss just in case you need the basin repairing too. Even if the shower tray isn’t broken the coating can be applied to hide any stains or blemishes and return your wash room to its former glory.

If you are suffering from a broken caravan shower tray or need help and advice please call Ian on 07970 250168 for a chat and a no-obligation quote.

Broken caravan shower tray
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