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Caravan Motorhome Water System Sterilisation

In our caravans there are a good few meters of plastic pipe, plus the aqua roll has a big surface area inside the barrel. All these surfaces will develop biofilm after even short contact with water. Powered drain down videos such as those on YouTube shows us that even though we go through the drain down procedure there is still almost a litre of water lurking in the water pipes. Imagine how 'off' that water is going between holiday trips!
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Broken Caravan Shower Tray

It doesn’t take much to break a caravan shower tray, simply dropping a bottle of shower gel can do it. You may have broken your caravan shower tray by simply stepping on the plug hole, unfortunately the plastic around the drain is quite thin and this is a known weak point. A broken caravan shower tray needn’t be the end of the world though, there are ways that the shower can be returned to full working order without breaking the bank.
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New Telford Caravan Services website

Telford Caravan services now have a brand new website presence. Launched in November 2017 the Telford Caravan Services new website aims to inform our caravan clients about us and what services we provide. We are a new company but we have plenty of drive and enthusiasm which means we can help the Telford caravan owners with solid advice and quality servicing and repair.
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