Caravan Motorhome Water System Sterilisation

Why is it important to carry out a caravan motorhome water system sterilisation?

In our homes we have metal water pipes and water is constantly flowing through, contrast that with the plastic pipes in our caravans that are used for a few weeks in the year.

You know because you have seen it happen, water can go sour very quickly. My daughter complained of a stomach ache not so long ago and it was only when I saw her taking a swig from a plastic drinking bottle did I understand what had happened. I asked her how long she had been using the bottle and she shrugged and said ‘not sure, a week maybe’. The water in the plastic bottle hadn’t ‘gone off’ but the bottle interior had a slimy feel to it. The water had caused biofilm to develop and it was this that was giving her tummy ache.

In our caravans there are a good few meters of plastic pipe, plus the aqua roll has a big surface area inside the barrel. All these surfaces will develop biofilm after even short contact with water. Powered drain down videos such as those on YouTube shows us that even though we go through the drain down procedure there is still almost a litre of water lurking in the water pipes. Imagine how ‘off’ that water is going to be between holiday trips!

Having a good regime of caravan motorhome water system sterilisation is so important, the last thing you want is to have a tummy bug when you are away on holiday – especially on a camp site with shared toilet facilities!

Don’t forget also, your wast water pipes will benefit from the pipe sterilisation as well. When the system is flushed through the sterilisation fluids with flow through the wast pipes. The recommendation is to have your water system sterilised like this at least twice a year – but of course you can have it done more times than that if you are worried about it.

If you interested in having your water system sterilised and power drained, please call Ian on 07970 250168 for a chat and a no-obligation quote.

Caravan Motorhome Water System Sterilisation